Below outlines programs in detail for your review and consideration.

Program I

The Wharf Music & mural Project




Music and Mural Art are two universal languages with no barrier. This will be the first fusion event of its kind incorporating murals and music collaboratively into one program. We will add a splash of color to the exterior of the Wharf offices and produce an arts festival and free music concert for all of Washington DC to attend. Southwest residents will have the opportunity to receive premium VIP seating alongside the waterfront as well as receive an art token of appreciation.

Itemized Budget:

  • $15,000 - Talent Acquisition 
  • $10,000 - Mural Art, Customization, Production
  • $7,500 - Production, Sound, Staging
  • $2,500 - Security, Staff
  • $2,500 - Collateral, Marketing Materials
  • $2,500 - Video, Photography, Post Production, Microsite




This dynamic community shuttle, wrapped in mural art, will help bring some unique attention to the Southwest neighbor. More specifically, it will further identify Southwest as the Arts District in the Nation's Capital. When reserved, you will then be taken on a 15-20 minute tour of Southwest with key points being Blind Whino, Wharf DC, Arena Stage, Buzzard Point, and the future site of the DC United Stadium and the upcoming Wharf District. These are key components that will bring the deserved attention to Washington DC. Additionally, the Wharf DC logo will be branded prominently on each side and rear of the vehicle clearly identifying the programs supporter.

Itemized Budget:

  • $20,000 - Vehicle Acquisition
  • $7,500 - Mural Art, Customization, Production
  • $2,500 - Collateral, Marketing Materials

Items such as Insurance, Driver Cost, Storage will be covered. This will be an online reservation request with a virtual/vocal follow up from one of our team members. 


 Art underneath and above


Southwest is home to many walkways, tunnels and underpasses that residents and visitors utilize often to get to and from the other side of 395. By enhancing the walkable decor with art in non traditional places we know make it a destination and not just a pass through. Bridges were constructed to allow traffic to reach between two points in an elevated fashion, however the underpass to those bridges were constructed to be painted on.

Itemized Budget:

  • $15,000 - Mural Art, Customization, Production
  • $2,500 - Collateral, Marketing Materials
  • $2,500 - Video, Photography, Post Production


Wharf dc mural


The perfect picturesque mural backdrop alongside the Gangplank Marina.

Itemized Budget:

  • $7,000 - Mural Art, Customization, Production
  • $1,500 - Collateral, Marketing Materials
  • $1,500 - Video, Photography, Post Production




With a name such as Blind Whino folks often question its definition and its community relevance. With this level programming, we can invite key individuals in and around Washington DC to experience Blind Whino in true fashion. Without too much detail, guests will arrive at Wharf DC for this mystery lunch event. Upon arrival, a painted water taxi/cruise will be waiting to receive 50-100 guests for a afternoon on the town. During the cruise we will showcase Blind Whino and our community efforts in and around the region. Special Invited Guests will include Wharf Developer Monty Hoffman, Mayor Muriel Bowser, Council Member Charles Allen, Senator Eleanor Holmes Norton, Director of Department of Parks and Recreation John Stokes and a host of others.

Itemized Budget:

  • $3,500 - 3 Hour Lunch Cruise Rental 
  • $1,500 - Video, Photography, Post Production

As a show of good faith, Blind Whino will add an additional $10,000 in support of the selected programs above.